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Sudqi Abu Shqrah Street 31, Deir Ghbar, Jordan

Shadow show

أيام الأسبوع

The parts of the eye

Science Day

Moon phases

Gingerbread Man

مسرحية "أُكِلتُ يوم أُكِلَ الثّورُ الأبيض

أركان الإيمان

Fossils & the history of dinosaurs

Crazy Hat

Election DaySunday 3.10.2021

Story time Grade-3 National

Kg Science Lab

Kg Tea party

gymnastic class

KG graduation 2020-2021

Our Activities

The videos below highlight some of the successful school health programs and initiatives administered by several of our state grantees.

School Overview

School Principal

School outline

Teacher Appreciation

School Curriculum

School Theater

honoring teachers and employees

Goodness in my nation