“Revolutionizing Education through Information Technology at Marshall International Schools”

At Marshall International Schools, we understand that information and communication technology is an essential part of modern society. We recognize the need to incorporate technology and innovation into our educational programs, research activities, and social responsibilities in order to achieve our vision and goals. That’s why we have made a commitment to revolutionizing education through...

Nurturing Student Well-being: The Vital Role of Marshall International Schools’ Counseling Department

Marshall International Schools’ Counseling Department is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support to our students in academic, social, professional, and familial settings. The department recognizes the importance of promoting proper study habits, addressing issues such as smoking and addiction, and promoting good health among our students. Discipline issues are also addressed by the Counseling...

Nourishing Minds and Bodies: The Cafeteria at Marshall International Schools

At Marshall International Schools, we believe that proper nutrition is essential for our student’s overall health and academic success. That’s why we offer a carefully curated selection of food and beverages that align with our health policy, ensuring that our students have access to healthy and delicious options. Our school cafeteria is staffed by experienced...

Marshall’s Department of Supportive Education: Empowering Children with Diverse Needs

Marshall International Schools’ Department of Supportive Education is committed to empowering children with diverse needs to achieve their full potential. The department comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals who work with children who have a variety of educational, mental, emotional, and physical challenges. The department offers special education services to children who require additional support...

Marshall’s KG Division: Nurturing Young Minds for a Brighter Future

Marshall International Schools’ KG Division is dedicated to providing young learners with a distinctive learning environment that promotes overall growth and success. With a tailored curriculum, joyful environment, and excellent teaching, the school aims to lay the foundation for a brighter future for its students. The KG Division offers PRE KG, KG1, and KG2 classrooms,...

Primary Education at Marshall International Schools

Marshall International Schools’ primary section offers a safe and modern learning environment for students in grades one through four. The school emphasizes the importance of honesty, self-confidence, and hard work in achieving success. Each grade has multiple class divisions, and a team of dedicated teachers follows up on each student’s progress. Class teachers in the...

Providing International Education from KG1 to Grade 10

Marshall School offers a comprehensive education system that includes both International and National Divisions. The International Division provides students with a global perspective, while the National Division offers a curriculum based on the Ministry of Education’s standards. The International Division offers education from KG1 to grade 10 and is accredited by the British Council, Accreditation...

Marshall International School Honors Winning Students of Spelling Bee Competition

Marshall International School (MIS) recently held a Spelling Bee competition, where its outstanding students put their spelling skills to the test. The competition was fierce, and the contestants were asked to spell a broad selection of words, ranging from easy to difficult. Despite the challenge, the students performed exceptionally well, and their efforts paid off...

Our Mission

At Marshall International School, our mission is to assist students and parents in developing educational and pedagogical skills, optimizing their knowledge and performance, and thriving in a rapidly changing society. We believe that education is the key to unlocking students’ potential and preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the future. As a school...

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Copyright by Marshall International School. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Marshall International School. All rights reserved.