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Marshall International schools

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Regulations and Instructions :


We welcome you in our school, hoping that our students and parents are able to adhere the rules and instructions below, in order to ensure an exemplary educational and pedagogical environment.

  1. Commitment of the morning attendance required, as the school schedule starts with the morning queue program and the school broadcast at 7:40 am, noting that students will be strictly prohibited from entering after 8 am.  
  2. Absence is not permitted without an acceptable excuse that is presented to the school by the guardian or with his personal approval. 
  3. Leaving school is only allowable after the end of the school hours or with a written permission from the school administration. It is also prohibited to miss any class by self-determination or leaving the classroom without a permission, it is necessary to be present in the class from the beginning of the lessons until the end.
  4. The student must adhere in wearing the school uniform, and it is forbidden to wear accessories and make-up, it is also forbidden to wear hats inside the school.
  5. It is allowed to wear sport’s uniforms and sport’s shoes on the day of sports classes only. 
  6. Pay attention to the student’s personal appearance in terms of elegance and to personal hygiene such as nail clipping, tying up hair for girls and a suitable hair cut for boys. 
  7. It is forbidden to bring personal purposes such as electronic games, CDs, and cameras, and it is also strictly forbidden to bring or use cell phones, and the school has the right to confiscate any of the aforementioned till the end of the school year. 
  8. Eating and drinking is prohibited in the classroom except in special cases and after taking permission from the teacher.
  9. It is forbidden to use inappropriate or offensive words by the students as it will result in a penalty by the school administration.
  10. The guardian shall bear the value of any damage caused by the student for any asset or facility that belongs to the school and this applies the penalties stipulated by the Ministry of Education in case of damage.
  11. In case three consecutive warnings are given to the student, the guardian must find another school, and he is not entitled to claim any amount that has been paid, and to demand payment of the amounts owned by him entirely.

Required data and documents after student’s acceptance

  1. A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  2. Transition certificate certified by the Directorate Education to which the school is affiliated.
  3. Certificate of the last grade the student joined.
  4. Certificates of the Eighth and ninth grades for tenth grade students.
  5. Financial clearance from the school the student transferred from.
  6. Transferring the student to the open EMIS system.
  7. Students record filled and duly certified.
  8. Levels results card required and an official letter from Directorate of Education for students in the first and second secondary grades.
  9. A copy of the vaccination card for first grade students, with 2 personal photos