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Sudqi Abu Shqrah Street 31, Deir Ghbar, Jordan

Marshall International schools

We prepared for changing the future

Marshall International Schools

Marshal International Schools is an international private educational institution with national and international tracks.

Established in 2019, and is approved by the Ministry of Education and Cambridge University in grades from kindergarten to grade 10 national and to grade 8 international.

MIS is proud to provide stimulating learning environment, highly qualified teachers and experienced leadership team.

Our Vision

To prepare our students to reach the highest standards in all aspects of their education, to be independent, self- motivated and able to work with others, to show care and respect for themselves, others and the environment, to be proud of themselves, their country and their culture, to develop knowledge and skills in Math, Science and Technology, and mostly to be prepared for changing the  future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe, caring and stimulating learning environment, offer an engaging and challenging atmosphere which combines theory and practice, in addition to offering highly qualified teachers who are able to use effective and innovative teaching approaches, and accordingly establish cooperative partnerships with the parents and the community .

Our Goals

– Creating a generation capable of keeping up with the modern technological and digital advances .
– Providing an attractive educational atmosphere which encourages learning and teaching environment.
-Providing a distinguished administrative and teaching staff and professional development programs.
– Providing extra curriculum activities that encourage our students to develop their personal and social skills.
-Providing a distinguished curriculum that in compliance with the national and international standards.

Our Teachers

Our teachers develop the approaches to learning in order to enable and support students to achieve both academic and personal success.

This support is achieved by fully differentiated lesson plans, stimulating learning environments and a variety of teaching strategies that encourages critical thinking, self-reflection and dedication to lifelong learning and continuous improvement.