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We assist students and parents in developing educational and pedagogical skills, optimizing their knowledge and performance, and thriving in a rapidly changing society. Being a school
"that works for each other, our children, our staff, and our board," we progress the education system

-Our Vision

Our goal at Marshall International School is to produce lifelong learners and global citizens who are proud of their heritage and dedicated to enhancing their communities and the world. We aspire to cultivate principled, educated individuals with adaptable minds, capable of empathetic interactions and innovative problem-solving for a complex and fast-changing future.
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Academic integrity
The expectation is that teachers, students, and all members of the academic community act with honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility.
We are committed to helping our students achieve high-quality results with their efforts.
Innovation and creativity
We follow education in all possible ways, reduce traditional methods, and follow the
interactive education approach, not indoctrination, as we embrace the change.
Fun, freedom, and family
We do our work in a manner that is appropriate for our students and instructors, and everyone of us participates in numerous activities that bring our students closer together and form one family.
Growing with our students.

Years of

Marshall School recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve in today’s competitive academic environment. To achieve this, the school is exploring innovative ways to test new value-added activities.


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Copyright by Marshall School. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Marshall School. All rights reserved.